Alumni UK is the global network for people from around the world who have studied in or with the UK as an overseas student.

Launched in 2022, Alumni UK by the British Council, brings together international UK alumni globally. By joining Alumni UK, you can grow your worldwide professional network, continue learning and share your experience and expertise with others. You will find resources to develop your career and new opportunities to help you succeed. It’s also a place where you can celebrate your connection to the UK and keep up to date with UK culture and English language.

Why register?

Join our community and connect with international alumni from around the world.

UK alumni are among the most employable graduates in the world. Thirty-eight per cent of Nobel laureates who studied abroad did so in the UK. Join us as we build the largest UK alumni community, connecting people who studied at any UK university and find out how Alumni UK can help you achieve your goals.

  • Attend exclusive industry events and masterclasses
  • Keep learning to advance your career
  • Find new opportunities
  • Showcase your skills on a global stage
  • Connect with other UK alumni and build your network

‘The British Council is committed to maintaining the UK’s connection with international UK alumni in every corner of the world. Alumni UK is one of our newest and most innovative projects, providing you with a special place for collaboration and connection. There is so much we can achieve internationally by working together, so I am delighted that we can facilitate this network of impressive UK Alumni. By coming together as Alumni UK the British Council will offer you opportunities, resources, experiences and connections which we hope will make a real difference to your future, so that you can continue to be the brilliant UK ambassadors that you are and inspire change and connection in the world.’ - Scott McDonald, Chief Executive Officer, British Council

Alumni UK has delivers online engagement activities and events for international UK alumni to join wherever they are in the world.  As well as our online engagement activities, from 2022 Alumni UK intends to deliver alumni in-person engagement events in at least the following countries, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, USA, Vietnam.  To find out about our events and to take part, make sure you are registered for Alumni UK.  

Eligibility to join Alumni UK

All international UK alumni from any UK university, on any course, in any year are encouraged to join. You need to have spent at least one term at a UK higher education institution enrolled on a credit-bearing course. This includes transnational or online education.