The Canadian Immigration Minister recently announced that “Express Entry draws” are resuming early July 2022, which means there are additional opportunities for permanent residency in Canada. Find out everything you need to know about Express Entry here, and how this recent announcement could help you live and work in Canada.

What is Express Entry, and who is it for?

Express Entry is an application process for skilled workers who would like to permanently live in Canada (i.e., gain permanent residency). You can find out whether you qualify as a skilled worker by filling out a quick online eligibility questionnaire (find out more on this below).

What is the Express Entry draw?

An “Express Entry draw” is used by the Canadian government to decide who receives an invitation to apply for permanent residency through Express Entry. It selects the highest-ranking candidates from the applications received. How you rank as a candidate is based on a number of different factors. Find out how your Express Entry application is ranked here.

With the Express Entry draws to be reopening soon, anyone who wants to apply for immigration in Canada should get their application in now, to be in with a chance of an invitation.


What are the steps I need to take to qualify for Express Entry?

Step 1: Check your eligibility

See if you are eligible for Express Entry by filling out this eligibility questionnaire.

Step 2: Estimate your ranking for the Express Entry draw

To be invited to submit an Express Entry application, you need a specific score on the Comprehensive Ranking System. You can estimate your score here: CRS Tool: Estimate your ranking score.

Step 3: Book an IELTS language test & prepare your documents

If you haven’t yet taken an English language test, you should book an IELTS test right away as you will need proof of your results for the application. There is also some additional documentation you might need for the Express Entry application process. You can see these here: Documents for Express Entry.

Step 4: Create and submit a profile

Once you have everything you need for your application, you must create & submit “a profile” to see if it gets accepted to the Express Entry draw. You can create and submit your Express Entry profile here: Create Express Entry Profile.

Step 5: Await your invitation, then apply

Following submission of your profile, you await your invitation to apply for Express Entry. If you receive an invitation, you then have 60 days to apply. You can do that by clicking here: Apply for permanent residence: Express Entry.