National Association of English Teachers of South Africa (NAETSA)

In March 2019 the British Council in partnership with the Department of Basic Education, successfully launched the National Association of English Teachers of South Africa. See Minister Motshekga launches NAETSA to support English Language teaching in the country ( The aim of the establishment of NAETSA is to see English teachers in South Africa take ownership of their professional development through the support from NAETSA. A sustainable approach is central to all British Council English programmes, and we have engaged with NAETSA in several activities to deliver English professional development sustainably.

Activities include:

  • Governance and planning support,
  • Conferencing, including presentations and support in local and international conferences,
  • Master trainer training to deliver the Learn English Audio Project,
  • Master trainer training to deliver localized professional development activities from our digital platform,
  • Webinar support.

The British Council is very proud of the strong relationship we enjoy with NAETSA and will continue to support the organization to respond to the changing English Language Teaching landscape in South Africa.

Provincial Departments of Education

The British Council have also built strong partnerships with Provincial Education Departments. We have engaged provincial departments in several activities to ensure success of programme delivery, ownership and sustainability of programmes.

Activities include;

  • Support with local events,
  • Consultation on programme materials through critical readership events,
  • Alignment of programmes with national curriculum

The British Council continues to strengthen the relationship with Provincial Departments of Education to ensure that our teacher development programmes support and enhance the curriculum and classroom teaching practice on the ground.