FameLab 2017 winner, Tshiamo Legoale & runners-up, Dr Sheetal Silal and Naji Sheni

FameLab SA 2017 Winner 

Tshiamo Legoale Mintek 

She is a geologist employed at Mintek. She is from the Platinum City of Rustenburg and obtained her undergraduate qualification in Geology with the University of the Free-State, Mineral Resource Management with Wits University and is currently pursuing an MSc in Environmental Management with The University of the Free State.

Research focus: One such intervention is her current research focus, phytomining. It is the use of plant hyperaccumulators to extract metals of interest from ore substrates to create bio-ores. This mining method less capital intensive that the conventional and less environmentally detrimental 


Nanji SheniMintek 

She has completed her MSc in flotation and currently work at Mintek, a global leader in mineral and metallurgical innovation. She is passionate about positive change in Africa and especially our communities and loves the idea generation around creating African solutions to African problems.

Research focus: The minerals beneficiation industry has become one of the largest industries in the world and flotation is a key part of this. The beauty of flotation is that it is not as energy intensive as other mining processes and it can be adapted to a variety of minerals that require beneficiation. Flotation was previously applied to the freshly mined material but now has found application even for waste material to remove harmful substances that contaminate the waste dump’s surrounding environment. This is something my colleagues and I are very involved in and it may make room for community involvement in repurposing the remaining non-harmful waste material.

Dr Sheetal Silal - University of Cape Town

She is a scientist with a deep commitment to using science to solve public health problems and support decision-making. A key priority is to increase the scientific skills profile in South Africa and Africa so that Africa’s problems can and will be solved by Africans.

Research focus: Using mathematics and computer simulation to predict the dynamics and control of infectious diseases like malaria. The spread of disease and the public health response to manage it, form complex systems. Mathematical modeling allows one to evaluate, among other things, the potential impact of control programmes in reducing morbidity and mortality.

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