Developing Inclusive Creative Economy (DICE) programme was launched in March 2018 and supports the growth of creative and social enterprises and explores the intersection between the two, as a means of addressing some of the worlds most entrenched and complex challenges, specifically rising youth unemployment and unequal economic growth.

Working in five emerging economies, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Brazil and with the support of the UK, we work with youth between the ages of 18 and 35 who are either social and/or creative entrepreneurs themselves, or organisations that offer services in support of inclusive social and creative enterprise in the country. 

Our programmes, research initiatives and linking creative social entrepreneurs, cultural practitioners and partners through physical convening or online, are set against a global vision to form a truly inclusive, sustainable and creative global economy. 

Our programmes


Our programme offers training and mentoring to creative and social entrepreneurs with a focus on reducing barriers to participation for DICE target groups. In partnership with SEED and Social Enterprise Academy, 120 entrepreneurs, from ideation, start-up and growth stage went through an accelerator training programme. At the end of the programme we had a pitching event for participants to showcase their businesses and engage funders and stakeholders interest in providing further support. 


£2m DICE Fund collaboration grants of between £20,000 and £85,000 were designed for intermediary organisations that support the development of creative and social entrepreneurs including NGOs, accelerators and universities. This support could vary from skills development and training, business development and start up management. The length of the projects were 12 to 15 and were delivered in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and South Africa.


DICE Fund Collaborators

In South Africa, five DICE Fund Collaborators were selected amongst 200 global partner applications. They are diverse, from upskilling vulnerable young people in Cape Town to set up their own upcycling business, to filling the financial gaps for excluded women in domestic work, and training intermediary organisations supporting social and creative enterprises in impact measurement. Read about the DICE Fund Collaboration Grants here 


Since 2018, Connect.hubs has been supporting and working with over 80 creative and social Hub managers, including South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and Malawi, by providing capacity building workshops. This was delivered in partnership with its southern Africa Arts team, DICE, UK-based organisation Nesta and Hivos. 


Evidence and Policy

The DICE Research portfolio launched a mapping study in South Africa and other DICE Countries to provide evidence for how to further cultivate the ecosystem. 

Young Story Makers

The DICE Young Story Makers programme is a partnership between DICE and social enterprise magazine, Pioneers Post. The documentation of these stories promote the value and impactful work of entrepreneurs supported through the DICE programme. They provide a backdrop for learning about the local and global experiences of individuals who believe in contributing to social change in the communities they serve. Read stories from our journalists Imani Dlamini and Dimpho Lekgeu.

Social media

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