British Council #SouthernAfricaArts invites young digital creatives to take part in the second edition of ColabNowNow, hosted with Maputo Fast Forward in Mozambique. ColabNowNow will select 4 digital storytellers and 4 digital artists from East, West and Southern Africa and the UK. Working with the guidance of two digital facilitators, the creatives will create work for a physical and digital exhibition at the festival. The ColabNowNow facilitators will be mentored by interactive digital artist, senior lecturer and Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival director, Dr. Tegan Bristow. 

We’re looking for visual/graphic artists, architects, technical artists, programmers/coders, music/sound artists, performers and animators, writers, photographers, filmmakers, videographers, bloggers and vloggers!

Applications are now Closed. Congratulations to all shortlisted artists.

ColabNowNow shortlist