Next Generation is a global research programme focusing on youth attitudes and aspirations. The objectives of the programme are to understand youth attitudes and aspirations, amplify youth voice and support better youth policy-making.

This research has previously been conducted in Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Tanzania and the Ukraine; there is currently work underway in the Gulf States, in the United Kingdom and in Egypt. 

Within South Africa, the British Council would like to engage with youth (15-35) to gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Their personal aspirations, and what they need from the education system and their local communities to achieve these ambitions
  • Their behavior and attitudes in relation to education and training
  • Their behavior and attitudes in relation to entrepreneurship
  • Their definition of the kinds of skills they think will be required for their future career and for the future of work in South Africa
  • Their perceptions of the barriers to success that they face
  • Their views on living and working in South Africa versus living and working in another country

Please download the attached PDF detailing the tender conditions and contractual requirements. 

Deadline for submission 21 November 2016.