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As a value added service to Schools candidates writing their IGCSE and GCE exams with the British Council, we are offering FREE exclusive access to GCSEPods.

GCSEPod has over 3,500 teacher-written, audio-visual podcasts produced specifically for mobile devices and containing all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams that learners need for iGCSE success. The GCSEPod website can be viewed on mobiles, tablets and PCs and the podcasts can be downloaded for offline viewing. The podcasts are also mapped to the curriculum and are designed to support students in the classroom, with their homework and during exam time. Once logged in, students can search for podcasts by keyword, by a specific exam or by subject area. Students can create their own personalised learning playlists which can be easily downloaded for offline viewing.

Download the guides on how to access the GCSEPods and contact us by email or phone 011 560 9300 for your access codes. You need to be registered to write your exams with the British Council in order to receive access. Kindly quote your full name and the city where you are writing.

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